Car Hire


In this section of the website you'll find an answer to the common questions regarding your car rental. Please do not hesitate to contact our call center by phone at number +39 079 0976250 or by e-mail in case of any other doubt.

While it is possible, on the website, to pay even with so-called prepaid credit cards (es. Visa Electron), at the time of the pick up of the car it is mandatory to have a valid credit card (with numbers on relief) in the name of the main driver issued by one of the main credit card companies (ex. Visa / American Express / Diners / MasterCard). This is needed as warranty for the rental itself. When the vehicle is rented to you, the renter authorizes (but not cashes) the cautional deposit. This deposit is unblocked at the end of the rental period or, in case of damages or theft of the vehicle, cashed in measure of the amounts stated in the rental agreement.
Please note that during winter in various italian locations, the local authorities require the driver to have snow chains on board and to maintain a maximum speed (when the chains are mounted) of 40 Km per hour. Drivers who do not comply with the above instructions may incur in penalties and fines ranging from a minimum of 80,00 euros up to a maximum of 318,00 euros and related administrative expenses. Regulations vary from location to location and are subject to frequent checks by the police. Please be informed that snow chains are NOT included in the rental rate so you are advised to book this accessory in advance, which can be paid for on collection. Please also note that none of our suppliers delivers cars with snow tyres. Please note as well that low temperatures could cause the fuel to freeze. None of our suppliers provides car with anti-freeze liquid so you will be required to buy it at your own expenses and add it to the fuel. Damage caused to the engine caused by freezed fuel will be charged to the customer.
The amount asked for at the time of the request of availability of a vehicle is only authorized on your credit car and subsequently - if the vehicle is available - cashed. In contrary case the amount is immediately re-accredited on your card. A request is generally answered within 24 hours.
At present our suppliers do not allow to pay the deposit in a different way than authorizing it on the main driver's credit card. Cash, checks and debit card (i.e. Visa Electron) won't be accepted.
The rental conditions in force in the chosen location are visible in the page of the confirmation of the reservation, next to the page of the vehicle choice. They are not available before, because in the same location there could be different suppliers with different rental conditions and the system chooses from time to time those to use.
Insurances with deductible are a particular type of coverage in which responsibility partially falls over the driver. The deductible is the sum for which you will be responsible in case of damage or theft of the vehicle. If, for example, the damage deductible is of 800 EUR and the vehicle is damaged for 1000 EUR, you'll be responsible only for the 800 EUR of the deductible, while the rest will be paied by the insurance company. Otherwise, if the damage is of 200 EUR, you will pay only 200 EUR. It is generally possible, in our locations, to subscribe Full Coverage Insurances (SCDW or SuperKASCO) that, for a daily fee, will reduce your responsibility to nil. For further information please see the local rental conditions.
Apart from the case when you are offered the possibility to pay the entire rental cost in advance, theinvoice of only refers to the amount you pay directly on the website. In this case the rental invoice will be issued by the company supplying the vehicle for rental and that is specifed in the reservation voucher.
To amend your booking please contact us by phone at +39 079 0976250 or send us an email to The amendment has a price of EUR 12,20 for modifications of hours, pick-up and drop-off locations or vehicle type and it will be charged on the credit card used at the time of the booking (otherwise we will send you a payment request via PayPal). The modification of the name of the driver has no cost.
Although the rental company endeavours to deliver the vehicle requested by the client, the model can not always be guaranteed. In the case that a requested model is not available, another vehicle of the same or of a superior category will be delivered.
The address of the rental location is indicated in the voucher that is sent to you after the reservation. The telephone number is indicated as well.